Don Quichotte Freier Proberaum und Kunst Manifeste             
                       ICH  BIN  KUNST     DU  BIST  FREIHEIT     WIR  SIND  LIEBE

- We propose 3 modules of workshops of contact improvisation including the tools of contemporary solo improvisation dance and physical theatre.

- The essence of these workshops is to unite artistic people to open the creativity of any individual from all over the world in one of the most beautiful place in Alps - Innsbruck city.

- The idea of La Loba workshop is not to concentrate only on the women's aspect but to focus on the natural aspects in every person (man/woman) searching inside of diverse stories and fairy tales the beauties of the graceful communication between the both sexes and so to evolve a own creative way of vision.

- The aim of "La Loba" WS is to make an event of improvisation at the end of the third module, March, 2d, combining music, dance, acting for all participants.

- What is “La Loba”?

"Recently I have read a book by Clarissa Pinkola Estés “Running with Wolfs”. This book is about female archetypes, which are narrated with the help of legends and fairytales of different cultures, from the French tale "Bluebeard" - to the most important female archetype of Mexico - La Loba. La Loba is living in the deserts and mountains. She is a wolf woman, a collector of bones, who resurrects the wild spirit of life from the depths of the Underworld." - Tamara Maksymenko

If you would like to participate and you are not from Innsbruck, let us please know and we try to take care of your accommodation.

" … I am Art, You are Liberty, We are Love … "

a Production of:

in Partnership with:
Motion Mode Dance Theatre


for all ages and every level Contact Improvisation Workshop is open

"Love and hate, tears and laughter, anima and animo,
nature and relationships."

When: 12th/13th.of January module 1
11:15h -13:15h, 14:00h-16:00h

16th/17th of February module 2
11:15h -13:15h, 14:00h-16:00h

23th/24th of February module 3
11:15h -13:15h, 14:00h-16:00h

2nd of march - evening of improvisation

Where: Yoga Loft Innsbruck
Sebastian-Kneipp-Weg 17

€ 40,00 / € 80,00 for a single day / module,
€ 185,00 for all modules.

Each day can be attended individually.

Registration & Info:
or +43 688/60427890 (Bernhard Heinz, between 17°°-19°°)